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  1. Giants

From the album A Kind of Revelation

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Among the giants, I was lying just to try and measure up
Playing David and Goliath, acting like there never was
Something that separates the mighty from the broken winged dove
And I might find it out there hiding, if I was looking hard enough

I’ve spent enough time up against the ropes, just praying for the bell
So I know when to pick the stone up, and when to run like hell

While all the swarms, they swam the channel, I was standing ankle-deep
Paying dearly for admission, while they were getting in for cheap
Clinging tightly to the guard rails, watching lovers take their leap
Singing “I won’t wet my coat tails”, trying to steal a few more feet

And I learned it all from listening to the nocturne of the trees
So I know when to put my fists up, and when to whisper please

Out on the prairie I was praying for a baptism by rain
For all the cherry trees to tremble in some kind of biblical refrain
Like from the moment the first drops fell on my face, I’d feel a change
And then my eyes would train their focus on the words and not the page

But I was taking it all for granted, like the sky would never dry
So I know when to take it all in, and when to close my eyes

Among the giants, I was lying just to try and measure up
Buying time before they noticed there’s just no way I’d make the cut
Looking straight-faced in the line-up, holding out my empty cup
When a giant dropped his coin in, before my hand could close it shut

I’ve seen a flower find its footing in the barren desert soil
So I know when to let it die down and when to bring it to a boil.

© 2018 Joel Van Horne