From the album The Wild And Free

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I’ll disappear into the trees
To parts that no one ever sees
And if you hear the faint release of my voice

Know that I will sing much louder in the spring time
These melodies that cling to life in the winter
Will blossom with the Columbine and Aster
When snow’s left lingering…

And we’ll be blinded by the daylight
Yes, we’ll always find it hiding right in the place we left it
Just hibernating…

I’ll disappear out on the open ocean
This sober fear and drunk devotion
Are all that I’ll be taking with me, by choice

But know that I will sing
It loud and clear, cause you found me here
And this sound will steer us home

See you in the spring, I'll see you in the spring...

By Joel Van Horne © 2015